1. To run public awareness campaigns in educational institutions, print, electronic and social media about how to keep the environment clean and green.

2. To ensure symbolic but practical participation of all the leaders, celebrities and civil society activists in cleaning and greening Pakistan.

3. To promote among the students and the civil society, the practicing of the 3Rs i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

4. To generate jobs and alleviate poverty through a Cash-for-Trash incentive program.

5. To promote among the students and the civil society, the habit of putting the garbage in the proper garbage bins.

6. To promote the use of Eco Friendly Bags as an alternative to plastic shopping bags.

7. To clean streets, parks and public places of plastic made items and all other litters.

8. To regularly sweep streets and roads using mechanical vacuum sweepers.

9. To plant and maintain trees on sides of the roads, motorways and on forest lands.

10. To setup international standard vocational boarding schools for the poor children collecting and selling trash to support their families.